5 Steps to Take Your Vision to Reality

Written by Amber Swenor

As Soul Seed Strategy's founder and Brand Strategist, Amber works with clients to evaluate their brand, understand their goals, and develop a strategy that will deliver the results they seek.

April 18, 2023

This week my team at Soul Seed and I are celebrating eight years in business!

I’m personally celebrating 8 years as a full-time entrepreneur…

Eight years ago, I departed my secure, full-time job in media sales to step into the unknown and grow a business. Little did I know it would turn into several businesses and become the greatest personal healing and growth journey yet!

I remember the simultaneous excitement and overwhelm about how to fulfill my vision. A vision that included helping to create a world where people could experience the freedom to be who they authentically are; to support women to rise in leadership; to help heart-centered business leaders; to build a team of creative, savvy professionals who would work closely together and have each other’s backs. I felt all of this in my soul, I could see it in my mind’s eye. But getting from “start-up” to “thriving company creating meaningful impact,” felt like an insurmountable task!

But here now looking back from the viewpoint of eight years later, we fulfilled this vision and so much more.

The work we’re most passionate about is helping visionary leaders like you to make your vision a reality. With the right belief, mindset, and tools, there’s always a way.

As I’m coming up on one year since publishing my bestselling book Unleashed, I am grateful and humbled for the journey to this place. My book was a #1 Wall Street Journal Best-seller, recently awarded the Benjamin Franklin Award for Top 3 Most Inspirational Books of 2023 by the IBPA.

It’s been fulfilling to witness the impact that Soul Seed is making and see the life-changing magic that Unleashed has provided for thousands of readers by helping them to claim their radical authenticity.

This didn’t happen by chance.

This happened inside of my personal commitment and my team’s desire to support people who are on their journey to leading authentically while becoming visionary change-makers.

What’s your desire for what you wish to create in the world?

When I think back, I remember the excitement and overwhelm about how to make each of my goals and critical growth steps a reality: from how to secure our first client, hire our first team member, build sustainable revenue, create more flexibility and time freedom. With each step we’ve actively created our vision! It’s come from nurturing each seed, consistently over time.

Clients we support today come to us with a similar excitement and overwhelm. They share goals to expand their brand, increase profits while working less, sell a business, travel the world, write a book or speak on stages.

Each vision is personal and different, but the one thing everyone has in common: the question about how to start and have an achievable plan to actually get from here to there? One where you don’t burn out or give up halfway.

How do you take your seed of a vision or an idea and create it into a reality?

It starts with connecting with what you desire most.

Often the most meaningful of visions are that which we feel deep in our being… we see it in our mind’s eye… And because we hear it, see it, and experience it so passionately, the thought of not achieving it can feel scary. Sometimes, we don’t even give ourselves permission to go for it because the thought of trying and not “making it,” is more painful than not even trying.

But what I’ve found is that for those of us who feel a call toward something, our souls will not rest until we move toward it, regardless of the outcome. Because often it’s not about the final outcome, but it’s about the fulfillment in setting your path in motion and finding out what becomes possible along the way. It’s better to cry the tears of the challenges that you encounter along the way, than to cry the tears of regret from never taking the step forward, and never knowing what could have been.

It’s better to cry the tears of the challenges that you encounter along the way, than to cry the tears of regret from never taking the step forward, and never knowing what could have been.

Whatever your goal, it’s personal to you and your business.

And I’m here as a fellow human in the journey. Someone who once felt so much anguish, pain, and struggled with lacking resources, but by following the steps that I teach today, I shifted out of multi-generational struggle. I shifted out of lack and into abundance. I stepped into leadership and grew a successful business.

As I reflect on some of my most pivotal steps in the journey and mapped out what the journey required, I come back every time to these 5 steps. Whatever you desire, it is possible, and these 5 steps will help you make it happen.

It’s my goal that these steps are supportive in helping you connect with the vision of your heart and what you’ve been seeing in your mind’s eye, as you actively create your vision into existence.

5 steps to make your vision a reality (each with a video):

Step 1: Define what success looks and feels like

Video on defining success

Working toward a vision: how will you know you’ve arrived?

The first step in this series is about documenting what success looks and feels like. Hint: you can start embodying what success feels like RIGHT NOW while you actively create for the future!

Step 2: Define your Meaningful Vision

Video on defining your vision

What’s the point of creating your vision? Studies show people are more likely to “fail” with their goals if they don’t intrinsically matter to them. This step helps you learn how to ensure your goals are meaningful by starting with your ‘why’ vs your what or how (check out Simon Sinek‘s “Start With Why” here on You Tube ).

Step 3: Track Your Progress 

Video on Tracking Progress

I’ve seen it many times before — I witness someone’s excitement for their vision. They can see and feel themselves creating and becoming more of who and what they are called toward. They’re feeling motivated and hustle for a few weeks… but then, they hit some bumps. Things don’t immediately change.

The initial excitement wears off… and now, the real work begins.

Unfortunately, this is when people drop off, start puttering out, and give up…

But really, this is where the work is just beginning!

This is why it’s critical to have your deep internal commitment aligned to what brings you joy (refer to steps 1 & 2) AND a roadmap with checkpoints built in, so you are measuring your data and results.

This combination of soul + strategy will keep you going to actively create your vision into reality!

Step 4:  Understand Risk Factors

Video on Risk Factors

What has caused you to “fail” or fall short on a goal before?

As you dive into your vision, it’s important to pause and consider what risk factors might stand in your way.

Reflect and consider:

What has affected or prevented you from following through or achieving your goals in the past? What have you learned about that? What might you do differently to help you be a success moving forward?

Look to the future and current landscape of your life and the business market and examine what could stand in your way now?

I’m not suggesting stopping short from fear or because of possible risks or challenges. There will always be risks and challenges. This step is about learning from the past and engaging that wisdom to help guide your future.

Step 5: Implement a support and accountability system

Video on support system

How will you be held accountable to follow through, especially when the going gets tough?

Whether your natural way of being is to be supportive, inclusive, and create harmony, or you’re a rebel who breaks rules and speaks your mind – whatever it is, you’re going to need support, resources, and community along the way.

Step #5 is about examining what those resources, strategic connections, and support team are. Identify who will be a part of your journey, and then get busy creating your team!

Take action on your “soul seeds” to sprout your vision

You are the visionary of your life, and you hold the power and potential within you, but you also don’t have to do it all alone. Reach out to us here to schedule a consult.

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