I’ve Noticed That You’ve Been Feeling Like a Fraud

feeling like a fraud

Written by Amber Swenor

As Soul Seed Strategy's founder and Brand Strategist, Amber works with clients to evaluate their brand, understand their goals, and develop a strategy that will deliver the results they seek.

June 12, 2019

I’ve noticed a theme coming up again lately. First, a post a friend made yesterday on social media, then, a moment I had last night, today, a concern a client raised on our group coaching call ….

The “am I good enough” theme.

Some call it Imposter Syndrome. It’s such a relevant topic that I wrote a whole blog on it – with 3 strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome… but, if those don’t work for you, or, you’d like even more strategies for shifting out of imposter syndrome, read further… because I have 3 new tactics to help you shift through that sneaky little voice….

The biggest thing to know about this is that: EVERYONE has it!

Once I finally realized that I wasn’t the only one with self-doubt, feeling self-conscious, sometimes questioning, “Who am I to coach other people?” “Who am I to create an email list and think that people will actually subscribe?”

The answer, why not me?
And, why not you?

We have proof all around us, every day, and yet, as humans, sometimes our minds trick us into seeing what we think isn’t good enough.

No matter how “successful” you become, it will never fully go away. So, the key is continuing to grow, re-set, keep moving forward, creating new positive circles of influence, and simply acknowledge, that the imposter voice is normal, and you aren’t the only one experiencing it. By doing this it allows you to shift from feeling like there is something “wrong with you,” to actually realizing that, it’s a normal part of the human growth experience.

One of my friends recently said it shows up for him as this thought that pops into his head almost daily:  “YOU’RE A FRAUD!”

There’s no reason for it. Nothing was done to provoke it. It just comes up.

For some people, it comes up constantly, throughout the day. And just know, you are not alone.

But, it’s great to recognize it, and have some strategies to put in place that say, “Ok, hi imposter voice, I hear you, but, I’m not actually LISTENING to you.” You know… that mom trick you do when you’ve been trapped indoors with your kids for 10 hours and just can’t take their bickering anymore, do one of those, “I get that you are there, and I’m just going to tune you out… you can keep on talking, but I ain’t listening” …

Three strategies for managing the “false fraud voice:”


1: Take pause and a momentary reflection reset:

Acknowledging that, “this too shall pass,” is super powerful. When you notice the voice, take pause, and acknowledge that you are choosing to reframe your thinking. Sometimes, this intentional mindful reset is enough alone to reboot your thought process and focus. If not, then proceed to step 2:


2: Take action to reset:

If needed, totally stop what you are doing, and do something totally different that gets you back in your body. When you stay in that mode of thinking, it can lead to another negative thought and can start spiraling. If you notice this, it’s important to totally stop what you are doing, and shift into something else that is positive and gets you moving in your body. A total mind re-focus. Take a walk, exercise, play with your kids or pets. Sometimes, we need to do something totally different that clears our mind and brings us back into our bodies.


3: Take Action:

After the pause and reset, it’s important to get into action. Recenter, and act. Don’t stay quiet TOO long and allow that voice to take back over. It’s important to take action on something positive that IS going well. A strategy to move your brain through that space, where you’re stuck in fear, is to create a new proof pattern for yourself. You do this by taking action and demonstrating that you ARE capable, you ARE powerful — so, if the voice is telling you that you can’t do something, go out and do something and give your brain a new story to believe.


You are your own best badass.
Your internal voice is powerful.
Use it wisely.

Tell me, how are you overcoming that fraud voice, and moving forward, one step at a time? Would LOVE to hear from you! (because, hello, sometimes that validation helps to know that I’M not a fraud :), are you with me sister?!)

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