How to Overcome Feelings of Greed as an Entrepreneur

overcome greed as an entrepreneur

Written by Amber Swenor

As Soul Seed Strategy's founder and Brand Strategist, Amber works with clients to evaluate their brand, understand their goals, and develop a strategy that will deliver the results they seek.

September 8, 2020

I recently came across a Facebook thread that was promoting a business training to teach 7-figure business owners how to move past current blocks in scaling. There were several comments on the thread referencing, “Why would anyone need to scale past 7-figures? That’s so greedy.”

I often hear a similar sentiment from growing business owners that they want to grow sales but don’t want to “feel greedy.”

And 100% of the time, the people who struggle with these feelings are NOT “greedy.”

The only people actually worried about being or feeling greedy are people who are deeply compassionate and giving.

People who have never struggled with feelings of greed at some point are either greedy, or they were born enlightened #AF,


If you struggle with feelings of greed, I feel you. That was once sooo very me! 

I felt anguish and self-resentment, questioning if I was greedy for wanting more stability than I felt growing up;

for wanting to be able to buy organic whenever I wanted without worrying about a budget;

For wanting to take vacations and experience other cultures of the world.

If you feel anguish about desiring more and wondering if it’s “greed,” I invite you to welcome this as an opportunity to get greedy in all the best ways…..

for self-compassion,

for self-love,

to practice the gift of receiving,

to lean in and explore what about your work is greedy (hint: if your work is truly driven from a place of purpose, it’s not greedy).

When you are in true alignment with your soul mission it powers your work and allows you to lead from an enlightened place where your impact and purpose transcends self-judgment and fears of other-people-judgments. When you lead from purpose, you are driven by something deep and meaningful and that’s about something a heck of a lot deeper than greed.

When you lead from soul-alignment you experience peace, enlightenment, love, and the thought of greed doesn’t exist anymore because you feel trust that your soul purpose is steering you.

If you struggle with thoughts or feelings of “greed,” perhaps it’s really just an opportunity for greater soulful alignment.


Here are 3 steps to help you shift out of fear and into alignment:

Step 1: Tap into your Soul’s Desire: Center yourself, breathe, and tune in. When you are prepared in a calm setting, seated with your feet on the floor, ground yourself with some meditative breathing and tune in with your truest deepest desires. (breathing tip: I personally enjoy a very simple, in for 2x, hold for 2x, out for 4x, repeat. Then in for 4x, hold for 4x, out for 8x. You may like to follow a guided meditation from an app). When you feel free of boundaries, rules, what-ifs, and self-doubt, ask yourself: What does my soul truly desire? Feel into your body and ask again… “If anything were possible, what do I desire?” What comes up when you ask yourself that question? Free of judgment, journal it. Reflect on the truth in it.

How will you know if your soul is speaking to you? You’ll be “dropped in.” You’ll feel calm and the answer will just come, without your brain working to change it, edit it, explain or justify. Whatever pops up, write that down. This is your soul speaking to you.

Step 2: Consider what becomes possible: When you consider what you truly desire, think about what that desire makes possible for you in your life and for others in their lives. Does the desire free up time? Does it create space to create family memories? Does it improve the world? Does it bring you joy? How do you feel about what it makes possible? If it elicits positive feelings and brings deep inner peace and joy, then how can that be fueled by any negative version of greed? Inner peace and joy sound pretty pleasant. If that’s what you define as greedy, maybe it’s time to get greedy?

Step 3: Decide what you are committed to: As I shared in a recent blog you get what you’re committed to. Are you committed to living in alignment with your soul purpose, overcoming limiting beliefs, blocks, and fears? Or are you committed to something else like living someone else’s version of what you should do?


Small businesses that create jobs and do value-driven work are not greedy because they want to grow their sales. In fact, I believe that makes you a responsible leader for seeking to build support around you and minimize your own burnout.

I have a 7 figure business and am scaling it further so we become more stable, so we can give back more to the community, so we can offer greater benefits to employees.

This is fueled by self-compassion and by heart, soul, and compassion for my employees, that is the opposite of greed.

The next time you think you are greedy for wanting more, tune in and ask what does more makes possible.

“More” might just mean fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

In other words: If you have important work to do in the world it’s time to get greedy in all the best ways! Get your head out of the way, go sell, grow your team, and make your difference. If you’re serious about support in that journey, contact us.


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