SPM founder Amber Swenor selected as ATHENA Young Professional Award finalist

Written by Amber Swenor

As Soul Seed Strategy's founder and Brand Strategist, Amber works with clients to evaluate their brand, understand their goals, and develop a strategy that will deliver the results they seek.

November 2, 2017

SPM founder Amber Swenor was nominated and selected as a finalist for the ATHENA Young Professional Award, attending the luncheon at the Madison Club.

Amber’s work ethic, confidence, and tenacity have empowered her to be a successful brand strategist, public speaker, and founder of Strategic Partners Marketing. These traits have also enabled her to find success in building her team at Strategic Partners Marketing and offering services to entrepreneurs through Amberdella Consulting. Amber’s hard work and passion serves as an example to many women who aspire to excel personally and professionally.

ATHENA Young Professional Award is a national award that supports and honors women leaders in business who inspire other women to achieve their full potential and support leadership by highlighting their personal and professional accomplishments, who excel in their profession and support their community as a role model.

Learn more about the ATHENA International Program here.

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